Grading Policy

Orchestra Grading


You earn your grade!  It is based on your personal achievement and effort.  Every student is capable of earning an Orchestra “A,” regardless of ability or background.

Participation/Performance Attendance – 50%

  • Have your instrument at all rehearsals, along with necessary accessories (personal rosin, rock stop, shoulder rest, extra set of strings)
  • Have a pencil for each class in your music folder for marking music, music theory, ear training, or mini-lecture.
  • Contribute to the group with your best effort – be focused.
  • Bring your own book and sheet music to class each day!!! Do not assume that your stand partner will be in class on any particular day.

Sectional attendance – 10%

  • Regular sectionals are scheduled for each orchestra. These are a required and integral part of the learning process. 

Concerts – 10%

  • Concerts are the accumulation of much preparation, and are required for all ensemble members (see MUSIC ATTENDANCE POLICY).
  • Students attending the concert and fully participating will receive all of the concert points.

Playing Tests – 20%

  • Playing tests evaluate your posture, left and right hand technique, intonation, tone, rhythm, position work, musicality, vibrato, etc.
  • Playing tests will include scales, etudes, solos, and Orchestra music.
  • Most playing tests will be submitted on Schoology.

 Other/Written Work – 10%

  • Written assignments will vary, and will be kept to a minimum. Freshman should anticipate several units of Music Theory, which will fall into this category.




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