Practice, Sectionals, Rehearsals, & Private Lessons


  • Practice: is individual work that you do on lesson materials, skill development, solo music and/or orchestra music.  Practicing is the regular “homework” of orchestra class.  Students are accountable to themselves, to their section, to their Orchestra, and to the director for the practicing that they do.


  • Sectionals: is the group practice on difficult sections of orchestra music and solo and ensemble work. Sectional attendance is part of the Orchestra Grade.


  • Rehearsal: is the learning of new material and techniques done by the large group. In general you must approach rehearsal with your part learned, with the exception of sight-reading days.  The time we spend together in group rehearsal is for phrasing, dynamics, balance, musical line, and performance preparation.  With these rehearsal concepts in mind, here is a list of expectations for each Orchestra member:
  1. Be on time and warm up before each rehearsal.
  2. Tune quietly and carefully. Be sensitive to others.
  3. Check position of left hand and bow arm each and every time you begin.
  4. Concentration is one of the keys to good orchestral playing.
  5. Listen for style, articulation, balance, blend and intonation.
  6. Be exact on your entrances and releases. Watch your conductor.
  7. Always have a pencil in rehearsal.
  8. Practice your parts at home.


  • Private Lessons: are designed to bring out the very best musician in each player. Orchestra members are highly encouraged to receive additional assistance outside of the regular school day.  Check this list for professional private teachers in our area: Orchestra Private Teachers – Professional

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