Here we go with 2015-2016!!!

I am thrilled to be kicking off the new 2015-2016 school year!  We are looking forward to the largest Orchestra program in the history of Armstrong High School (as far as I know!).  I am excited to see returning members as well as getting to know the Freshmen.

Here are a few highlights as we look forward to the year ahead:

  1. We are kicking off the AHS Orchestra Boosters!  Many people did a lot of work behind the scenes last year to make this group a reality.  I am looking forward to rolling with this group.
  2. We will look forward to some events this year: the Applebees breakfast, the Orchard trip, concerts in the Fall, Winter, & Spring.
  3. Orchestra Hall for the Symphony Orchestra will feature the “Requiem for the Living” by Dan Forrest – a terrific piece that will be a thrill for all.
  4. Solo/Ensemble: we look forward to maintaining our high standards at this event!
  5. The Northwest Suburban Music Festival will be a grand event for the Symphony, hosted this year at Blaine High School.
  6. The Philharmonic will perform at Empty Bowls in March, and the Freshman will look forward to participating in the second annual Armstrong Freshman Festival in May.

That’s it for now!  I am very much looking forward to seeing the 1:1 Technology Initiative (Chromebooks) at work here at AHS.  We will use them in various ways throughout the year in the AHS Orchestra Classroom.

All best to the AHS Orchestra!

Mr. Martin


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