Welcome back to the 2014-2015 school year for the AHS Orchestra!  For Freshmen & other new students, welcome to the program!  Here are a few items as we start the year:

1. We are looking forward to our second year in the newly minted Orchestra Room.  Having our own space was a great benefit last year, and I am looking forward to another year in the space.

2. We are fortunate to be joined by the University of Northwestern – St. Paul for a combined concert on Tuesday, Oct. 14 at 7:00 p.m. in the AHS Auditorium.  All AHS Orchestra students will perform two pieces, including a combined AHS Symphony/Northwestern piece.

3. Homecoming is early this year!  The game & parade are on Friday, Sept. 19.  We have built a history of having a great Orchestra float, and I look forward to see the creative efforts of this year’s Orchestra members in making us one of the loudest and most spirited groups in the parade!

4. Stay tuned for information regarding the annual Orchestra trip, and Applebees fundraiser, the coupon book fundraiser, and others to be determined.  This is a non-travel year for the Philharmonic & Freshman Orchestras and a small travel year for Symphony.  However, next year will bring a “big” travel year to all, and we will spend time this year planning for that big tour.

5. Please stay tuned to Schoology for classroom updates.  It was a new process last year, and I look forward to using it in more ways this year.

That is it for now!!  Best wishes with the final week of the summer.  I will see you all soon.

Mr. Martin


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